The services offered by Fair Play Maritime Ltd are always evolving to ensure that the most efficient service is delivered to its Principals in a cost effective value for money manner. With this ethos, the Agency offers primarily, a full service package or secondarily, a tailor made service package as may be required; (For maximum effectiveness the Agency would recommend a full Service package).

The Agency's outlook on the service provided is focused on long term relationships, with dedicated personal involvement, whilst maintaining open communications, mutual respect and a proactive approach to solve any challenges.

Our main services include, but is not limited to:

Recruitment and deployment of Personnel
All sea going employees in our pool are thoroughly screened and interviewed. The Agency conducts references and background checks as well as verifying the validity of all officersí certifications including the validity of passports and medical certificates. Dependent on the Principalís requirements we match and deploy the candidate/s to the particular vessel type whilst ensuring that both the Agencyís and the principalís deployment procedures are strictly adhered to.

Cadets and Trainees
The Agency proactively encourages and supports deck and engineer cadets development as well as trainee electrician, pump man and cooks to meet the future needs of its Principals. Cadets and Trainees selection occurs annually. The Agency can either make selection on behalf of Principals or they can send their representatives to conduct their candidates. Principals who offer berths for cadets and trainees usually reap the rewards of dedicated crew members. The Agency has seen a 80% development and retention of trainees to officers and/or rating ranks.

Accounts and Crew Remittances
The agency monitors all deployed personnel's individual accounts. At the behest of Principals the Agency can arrange remittance of allotments and expenses to the crew memberís local accounts.

Additional Services
These are offered specifically to cater for the Principal's requirements. The agency services include but are not limited to: obtaining any required entry visa, the supply of uniforms and working gear, the arrangement of specific medical cover over and above the normal marine employment requirements, organizing a total logistics package for crew joining from Romania, arrangement of logistics for crew attendance of training courses locally and overseas, arrangement of insurance packages for riding squads and follow up of crew repatriated due to illness or medical condition.

Quality Policy

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The agency acts as a Flag representative or Filling agents for different flag state administrations.

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Marlins - English test for seafarers.

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Maritime training.

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