The agency acts as local representative for Panama Authority. We deal with all necessary Panama documents including SSO & tanker endorsements and seaman books for ratings.

Certificates of receipt of application or CRA (valid for 3 months) could be obtained within 24 hours while the original permanent endorsements within 2 months. The original final documents could be sent by courier to client`s nominated address.

Marshall Islands / Malta / Liberia / Isle of Man
Fair Play Maritime acts as filling agent for above Authorities preparing applications and supporting documents for obtaining the equivalent flag state seaman books and endorsements for both officers and ratings.

The CRAs could be obtained within 24 hours. Original permanent endorsements are issued within a month.

The Italian necessary endorsements (including tankers and SSO) take about 1 week to be issued. Applications are processed at the Italian Consulate in Bucharest and can only be submitted by the holder of the documents.

The agency takes care of all necessary documents and fills the requested applications while the holder of the documents applies them and also picks up the original endorsements.

The original final endorsements are sent directly to the Principal`s head office within 2 months.

Medical exams for flag state Authorities
The agency collaborates with two local medical centres who can arrange for medical checks according to any of the above flag state`s requirements. However, medical checks could be also arranged for Singapore and German authorities.

Quality Policy

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The agency acts as a Flag representative or Filling agents for different flag state administrations.

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Marlins - English test for seafarers.

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Maritime training.

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